Aug 152023

We live in a world where oceans no longer stand as vast barriers to human interaction, and that’s as true in music as in anything else. Witness the union of two Brazilians — guitarist/vocalist Cris Martinez and bassist/vocalist Juan Azevedo — and Finnish drummer Kalle Lindfors in the death metal unit known as 3rd War Collapse.

Martinez and Lindfors first joined forces in this formation (along with Azevedo‘s predecessor) to record the band’s debut album Damnatus, which was released in 2021 by Guttural Brutality Productions. With the new lineup, 3rd War Collapse now have a sophomore album named Catastrophic Epicenter that’s set for release on August 24th by Lethal Scissor Records.

Lethal Scissor‘s advance publicity heralds the new album as “a much-needed hammer to the face, a riff-driven assault which delivers ten tracks of brutal death metal mixed with elements of grindcore, thrash and old school heaviness.” The world has already witnessed the album’s title track, courtesy of a premiere at Toilet Ov Hell, along with a pair of other songs, and today we’re revealing yet another one — a track named “Fomites“. Continue reading »