Feb 122021


We all have experienced the in-between mental states that occur as we descend into sleep and then emerge again into wakefulness, not being fully awake or asleep (the scientific terms for these similar but not identical phases are hypnagogia and hypnopompia). In those phases, it’s not uncommon to experience hallucinations, and sometimes sleep paralysis or lucid dreams. In the song we’re premiering today, “An Illusion of Sleep“, the lyrics suggest that the Canadian death metal band Abjection are exploring the unreal disturbances that can occur in these blurred transitional conditions — and the music itself manifests turmoil and insanity in frightening but electrifying ways.

An Illusion of Sleep” is the first track to be revealed from the band’s ravaging debut EP, Malignant Deviation. It will be released by Godz ov War Productions on March 25th.

While Abjection is a new formation, its members have proven themselves already in other bands well-known in the underground. It combines the talents of vocalist Cole Benoit (Anion, Dead Again, Origami Swan), guitarist/bassist Sergey Jmourovski (The Weir, Polemos), lead guitarist Troy Horton (Sinews, Wiser Fool), and drummer Josh Bueckert (Wake, Spaewife). Continue reading »