Nov 132023

In case you missed Decibel Magazine‘s premiere of Abyssal Rift‘s song “The Scourge“, here’s a recap:

It’s every bit as frightening as the cover art above for this Ohio band’s debut album Extirpation Dirge. Hell, it’s even more frightening — both abyssal and extraterrestrial, abysmal and maddened in the sensations generated by the eerie reverberation of its swirling and swarming riffage, its strangely writhing leads, and the monstrous roars and ghastly screams welling up from catacomb depths.

But that’s not all. The song moves from hammering and scathing intensity into a wraithlike realm, where swaths of ambient eeriness surround glimmering and glittering notes and musing bass tones. Then the chords lurch like a behemoth, gargantuan and grim, heaving ahead as those horror-show vocals rise up once more and a guitar wails in agony. Continue reading »