May 012014

On May 15, Eihwaz Recordings (a sub-label of Bindrune Recordings) will release an unusual split by West Virginia’s Infirmary and UK-based Aetherium Mors: The split really consists of a full four-track EP by each band. Two songs from the split have previously debuted (here), and today we bring you two more — one from each of the bands.


Infirmary are a West Virginia duo consisting of guitarist/vocalist Aaron Carey (Nechochwen, Unwilling Flesh) and bassist/drummer Andrew D’Cagna (Nechochwen, Obsequiae, Brimstone Coven, Unwilling Flesh). Their EP included in this split is entitled Suffering For Eternity.

If you’re familiar with the other bands of Infirmary’s line-up, you may not be prepared for the devastation they unleash under the Infirmary name — but you will become educated when you hear our premiere of “Forced Into the Flames”, which is the first track on this striking split. Continue reading »