Feb 082023


If I had had my wits about me I would have asked where Melbourne-based Aaron Osborne got the name for his solo death metal project AGLO. It sounds like “aglow”, but the only glow generated from the music is the kind of radiation from thermonuclear detonations that turns stone into molten glass. “Aglo” is also the Esperanto term for “eagle”, and there is indeed a ruthless raptor-like quality to the music as well (with listeners playing the role of field mice).

But it probably refers to neither of these things, especially since AGLO is inspired by Star Trek, and especially by the Borg, those cybernetic organisms whose mission is to assimilate the technology and organisms of other species into the hive-mind Collective that’s intent on achieving a kind of soul-devouring perfection. Perhaps AGLO is an acronym… and perhaps we’ll find out and let you know later.

But for now the focus should be on AGLO‘s new EP Into the Maze, which will be released by the wonderfully named label Gutter Prince Cabal on February 16th, and even more specifically on the song we’re premiering today — “Collector“. Continue reading »