Sep 202011

NCS reader and multi-instrumental musician Ray Heberer gave me a great idea yesterday. He wrote me to sing the praises of a metal artist who goes by the name All Things Rotten, who will be creating the cover art for the album debut by one of Ray’s many projects, Dreams of Winter. I decided that in addition to putting together this feature about All Things Rotten, I’d make this the first installment in a continuing series on metal album art.

We’re certainly not the only metal blog that pays attention to album art, but it is something that matters to us. So it seemed only fitting that we devote some attention to artists even when it’s not in connection with a newly released platter of music. Like every other continuing feature on NCS, this one won’t appear on any kind of predictable schedule, because I’m just too disorganized and generally half-assed to manage regularity. But when the spirit moves me, I’ll do more of these. And like everything else I do here, I’m counting on the help of readers. So, if there’s an artist whose work you admire, leave a comment or e-mail me with your recommendations ( And it will be even better of you send me names of people who aren’t already well-known in the world of metal artwork. If you can, include a link to someplace where examples of the art are posted for viewing.

Now, with that intro, let’s talk about All Things Rotten. He (and I think it’s a he, though I’m not positive) has done art for bands like Disgorge, Hacavitz, Snowy Shaw All Stars Band, Destroyer 666, Hirax, and many more. In addition to creating album art, he also does shirt designs and logos. He also periodically just gives away his artwork for use on album covers. For example, in browsing his Facebook page, I saw that he gave away the piece you’ll see right after the jump to the first person who replied and committed to use it on an album cover. Continue reading »