Sep 082022

(Andy Synn lavishes praise on the new album from Sweden’s An Abstract Illusion)

This Friday is a big day for Death Metal fans, especially fans of the more Prog/Tech side(s) of the scene.

We’ve got new records from Fallujah (an even flashier version of The Flesh Prevails, for better or worse), Warforged (a much more coherent and consistently rewarding record than their debut, albeit one which still doesn’t feel like the band’s “final” form) and Revocation (which… I already reviewed and, spoiler alert, it’s great), as well as several more which I don’t even have time to mention here, let alone review.

But one album I feel compelled to write about is Woe, the upcoming second album from ultra-talented Swedish trio An Abstract Illusion.

Because while other bands might be getting the lion’s share of they hype and headlines this week, these guys could (and should) very well steal the show.

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