Feb 152014

It’s the middle of a Saturday morning here in the great Pacific Northwest. I woke up much later than usual, in a state of confusion. This was the result of a very late Friday night, not enough sleep, and the after-effects of mixing intoxicants. I do not regret any of that — I saw one hell of a live show in Seattle last night by Abigail Williams (with the new line-up of Ken Sorceron, Jeff Wilson, John Porada, and Charlie Fell) and Erimha. But still, my head hasn’t been firing on all cylinders this morning.

And then I saw and heard the two things you’re about to see and hear. I’m now even more confused — but I’m coming around to the view that it’s a pleasant kind of confusion, sort of like waking up in someone else’s pants and realizing they’re nicer than the ones you were wearing the night before. Not that I did that. Just a figure of speech.


I came across this first video through the following post by my beloved Agalloch on their Facebook page: “A video from our friend Andy Winter. This track features Agalloch members: JWW (bass), Anderson (guest gtr solo). Also features Jan Axel Blomberg/Hellhammer (drums), Mirai Kawashima (vocals) and Winter on guitar.” The video premiered 10 days ago on Stereogum, and there’s a lot more info about Winter at that Stereogum link.

The song is “Uncountably Infinite,” and it appears to be a new single; Winter’s last album was 2013’s Incomprehensible. Almost everything about the video (and the music) is incomprehensible. There is so much whatthefuckedness in them that, unlike oil, we can now safely say that we will never run out of whatthefuckedness. Continue reading »