Jul 042023

Those who’ve come here today looking for riffs and melodies, uplift or succor, will leave empty-handed. What you’ll find instead is “a merging of harsh minds during even harsher times,” “relentless textural soundscapes and combative tones sharpened and pointed by design in order to scrape the listener clean to the bone”.

So says the French label WV Sorcerer Productions and its co-release partners Damien Records and Hell Simulation about the self-titled debut album by an international group of noisemakers who’ve chosen the name Fossa Magna. The participants in this collaborative effort are:

Astro (Japan):
Hiroshi Hasegawa 長谷川洋

Many Blessings (USA):
Ethan Lee McCarthy (Primitive Man, Vermin Womb)

Coalminer (Philippines):
Chester Masangya & Robert Glen Dilanco Continue reading »