Mar 142012

I get gratification from this post in so many ways. First, the band is called Blue Herps. If you don’t dig that name, then your sphincter may be too tight. I don’t know for sure what it means, but it sounds like a new strain of STD that causes the bits that do all the thinking to turn blue, before they then turn black and fall off like chunks of rotten meat.

Second, the band is obscure by most standards, and one of our long-standing missions at this site is to shine some light on bands who aren’t very well known. Blue Herps, for example, has a grand total of 17 Facebook likes, and I was No. 17. Granted, it looks like they only created a FB page in February, but still.

Third, the cover of their new album, Nodul, is sick. It uses pretty colors and a nice close-up of some teeth badly in need of dental work that by sheer coincidence happen to spell the album’s title. Man, I wonder how long it took Blue Herps to find someone whose bad teeth spelled the name of their album? This band is either really persistent in looking in people’s mouths or they’re very lucky. Also, I find their unreadable band logo strangely appealing. It’s spiky but kind of graceful.

Fourth, they have song names like “Leucoplasie”, “Flow Beat”, “Tumor”, “Hyperdontie”, and “Blurps”. Some of the song titles seem to be the French or German words for disgusting diseases of the mouth and gums.  Nodul actually has 20 song names, because that’s how many songs are on the album. But most of the songs are only about a minute long or less.

So, let’s see . . . I know there’s something else about this post that’s gratifying. It will come to me . . . Oh fuck yeah, the music! Continue reading »