Sep 172010

All of us are at the mercy of forces beyond our control. Every now and then, one of those forces decides to bend us over and give us a good fist-fucking without so much as a reach-around.

Last night and early this morning our web site was down for something like 10 hours. Why? Because our web-hosting service, Bluehost, shut down all of the data servers at one of its two datacenters — the one in Provo, Utah. Of course, they gave no advance e-mail warning of this to any of their web-host customers, no info was available on Bluehost’s own web site, no human being was available at any form of tech support, no automated messages were set up to provide any info. Why? Because advance warning is inconsistent with a good fist-fucking.

Why did Bluehost take down all those data servers? They now say it was because a transformer near their facility exploded and the local electric utility required Bluehost to shut down all power so that the utility could repair the transformer. We’ve found no news reports about this, though we’ve looked. Who the fuck knows whether it’s true.

As of about an hour ago, Bluehost reported on its Twitter account that it had 97% of all the servers back up. Of course, our site was served by the 3% of the boxes that were still down. Why? Because the forces beyond our control were having too much fun fist-fucking us and didn’t feel like stopping.

As you can tell, the problem has been resolved. We’ll have a real post ready in the next hour or two. Inability to access the admin page where we create the shit on this site has slowed us down. Also, we’re too sore to sit down for very long at a time. Thank you for your patience.