Jul 102023

Bolt Gun is a damn cool name for a metal band even if you don’t comprehend the specific reference. If you do know what an actual bolt gun is, that puts a meaner edge on the linguistic knife, and might even make the reference revolting to some, yet even the idea of being stunned prior to being slaughtered (at least musically) is a concept that for a metal listener can be very enticing.

Whether these Australians who chose the name for themselves pull off that feat in their music is a question they’ve had the chance to answer through several long-form releases. We will have another fulsome opportunity to make that decision when Avantgarde Music releases their third album The Tower in September of this year.

But we have an excellent opportunity today through our premiere of an EP named The Warren, which features the legend Iggor Cavalera on drums, that the same label will release this coming Friday, July 14th, as a precursor to the new album. Continue reading »