Jan 132016



(TheMadIsraeli reviews the debut album of Brazil’s Burn the Mankind.)

This is a standout death metal release of 2015 that’s going to go largely unnoticed due to its appearance close to the end of the year. That neglect is rather depressing because Burn the Mankind put out what is easily one of 2015’s best death metal records, with a convincing blend of sounds, recognizable yet distinct in what that blend produces.

In essence, Burn the Mankind is Behemoth run through a Brazilian tribal metal filter. There aren’t ethnic elements, but the mood, production, and style of riffs, when mixed with the Polish trademark blitzkrieg of nonstop blast-beats and huge chords carries itself impressively. You can hear all eras of Sepultura represented here, so I guess we could also just say, “think Sepultura meets Behemoth in the most literal sense you can, with a Napalm Death garnish.” Continue reading »