Mar 282016

Crib45 band-1


(In this post, Latvian music journalist Evita Hofmane presents her interview with guitarist Teemu Mäntynen of the Finnish post-metal band CRIB45 — who are about to embark on a Baltic tour this week.)

What’s behind this Finnish band’s name – CRIB45? Let’s take a short glimpse into their worldview and music. Our guide is vocalist and guitarist Teemu Mäntynen.


First of all, we have to make a short introduction for all those who haven’t heard about your band. What is CRIB45?

Crib45 is a Finnish post-metal band, that puts its focus on the doomier side of the genre. The music combines dark, but soothing atmospheres with crushing groove made by a wall of guitars and drums, along with multiple vocalists. I guess that the main part, which differs Crib45 from other post-metal bands, is that where many rely on the hardcore background of the genre, we come from the alternative rock’s direction. You can hear the influences from bands like Deftones, A Perfect Circle, and such, while at the same time there are the obvious influences from bands like Neurosis and Cult of Luna as well. I guess that those are the key elements that make Crib45 what it is. Continue reading »