Jun 182010

I’ve got a fucking day job that sometimes requires me to work very early, and sometimes very late, and sometimes both together. The last few days I’ve been caught in one of those late-and-early vortexes, and it’s fucked up my plans for finishing some album reviews.

But instead of letting this site turn into a big void today, I’ve got a few random pieces of eye candy to throw your way in place of what I’d originally planned. Given what the rest of this day and night looks like, there will probably be some other kind of random shit up here tomorrow, too. After that I’ll get caught up and get back to the task of introducing you to some new music.

The first piece of visual stimulation is that album cover up above. The name of the artist is Remy Cuveillier, and he created that piece of visual mindfuckery for the second album by a California band with the family-friendly name of Embryonic Devourment. The album title is Vivid Interpretations of the Void, and it will be released July 27 on Deepsend Records. Compared to the music, the album cover is actually pretty tame.

(we’ll explain what that means after the jump, plus we’ll show you a cool video for our second piece of stimulation . . .) Continue reading »