Aug 082012

(In early July, Andy Synn reviewed the 2011 debut album by the UK’s Ageless OblivionTemples of Transcendent Evolution — and today he follows that with this interview.)

Ok, so recently I conducted a back-and-forth email interview with David Porter (guitar) of current NCS faves Ageless Oblivion, where we touched upon everything from the line between atmospheric/brutal death metal and the joys of chasing cattle, to the perils and pitfalls of hanging around on abandoned military bases!


Because you might be something of an unknown quantity to a lot of our readers, let’s start off with the basics: Who are you, where do you come from, when did you first come together?

We are a five piece Death Metal band from Basingstoke in Hampshire UK.  The band has existed 5 years or so with countless numbers of guitarists and bassists contributing over time.  The band was started by Rich, Steve and myself from a mutual love for old school extreme music and a general tiresomeness of hearing the same two dimensional bands at every show we went to.  We wanted to play something fast, aggressive and with no obvious breakdowns.

At the moment the band consists of:

Steve Jones – Vocals
David Porter – Guitar
Richard Wiltshire – Drums
Fahad Sperinck – Guitar
Sam Chatterton – Bass

Sam joined just after the recording of our album and Fahad was added to the fold only a month ago. Continue reading »