Jun 272023

Here in the U.S. Judge Judy would blanch at the idea: a Russian band naming themselves after a German breed of dog that’s so dangerous many home insurance companies ban them, refusing to insure against liability if they cause injury or damage in homes where they’re kept as pets. Sure, they have a reputation for fearlessness, alertness, loyalty, and intelligence, but look at that album cover.

True enough, this gang from Saint Petersburg chose the name Der Döbermann after deciding to start thrashing together in April 2021, and now they’ve got a debut album to show for their efforts, one with the reassuring title Don’t Be Afraid, You Already Dead. We’ve got a bite of what it offers, and a sign of how it bites, in the song we’re premiering today: “Burn Your Fire“. When you hear it you’ll understand why the band chose the name they did instead of, say, Der Dachshund. Continue reading »