Apr 012019



(Andy Synn prepared the following reviews for six new albums from the realms of black metal.)

It’s already the first of April and, somehow, I am already about six months behind in my reviews for 2019.

To try and address this problem, this week I’m going to be grouping together a bunch of different bands/albums to try and simultaneously clear some of this backlog AND get the word out about a few new (or relatively new) releases I think you all need to hear.

So let’s begin with six (well, five and a half) examples of the black (Metal) arts, shall we? Continue reading »

Jan 302019


The thorned nightshade gardens of black metal have extravagantly expanded from their poisonous underground root stocks and become hybridized to the point where some of the offshoots have even taken on the kind of prettier hues that appeal to non-vampiric surface-dwellers. But of course there are still many black-hearted horticulturalists out there, devotedly caring for the genre’s barbed and deadly old-growth vines, greedily inhaling their aromas like pestilential perfume and exhaling hate.

The Israeli black metal band Dim Aura don’t completely reject the idea of hybridization, but they’re unquestionably devoted to the perpetuation of cold malice and tyrannical fury. Their newest display of sonic torment and cruelty is The Triumphant Age of Death, an album that will be released by Saturnal Records on March 22nd. It adds to a discography that includes a pair of EPs and a debut full-length from 2013, The Negation of Existence. From that album, we present its first single, an onslaught on organized religion named “Black Heretic Hate“. Continue reading »

Apr 122014

I did say that I intended to post three editions of MISCELLANY on three successive days, but yesterday kind of got away from me. So, with an unplanned hiatus day, here’s the third installment.

Once again, here’s how the MISCELLANY game works: I pick bands whose music I’ve never heard, usually focusing on under-the-radar groups whose names I’ve never heard before either. The selection process is random; for these three editions of the series, I tended to focus on bands who’ve written us recently. I try to limit my listening to a song or two and then write my impressions, while streaming what I heard so you can form your own opinions. I don’t know in advance whether I’ll like the music, so there’s an element of surprise involved (good or bad). For this listening session I once again investigated the music of three bands.


Dim Aura are based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Earlier this year they self-released a debut album entitled The Negation of Existence (though they’re searching for a label to facilitate wider distribution). The band have put four of the album’s eight tracks on Bandcamp. I started with the first one, “Scarred Flesh Supremacy”, but I’ll just tell you up-front that I really cheated on the MISCELLANY rules and wound up running right through all four songs. They’re all good and they don’t all sound the same. Continue reading »