Feb 232023

You can guess from this Vancouver trio’s name that creating shiny and seductive music is not their mission. Instead, what you’ll encounter on their debut EP LOD is death metal of a particularly crushing, manic, and mind-mangling variety. But it would go too far to claim that their music is nothing but foul and fetid malignancy and decay, which might be another conclusion you leap to in considering their name. Vicious and voracious it is, but it’s strikingly dynamic and equally capable of creating head-spinning spectacles.

Though the EP you’re about to hear is Disgustulent‘s debut release, it doesn’t sound like anyone’s first effort, and indeed the band’s members have already made their marks in other formations, with guitarist/vocalist Vitharr and bassist Shawn Hillman also having performed as members of SVNEATR and drummer/vocalist Taylor McDonald lending his talents to Death Machine, Blackwater Burial, and Cranial Fungus.

They chose the name Disgustulent, by the way, from a Cerebral Rot song called “Crowning the Disgustulent”. And in its lyrical themes this first EP is based on the world and lore of Diablo (specifically Diablo 2). Continue reading »