Jun 082023

We almost never copy/paste what labels and PR agents write about the music they’re promoting. Not because they’re never right, but because we prefer to reach our own conclusions and express it in our own words, even when we’re enthusiastic enough about what we hear to host premieres. But sometimes, the word-smithing we receive is so glorious that it’s hard to resist. In the case of Sentient Ruin‘s come-on for the forthcoming debut album of Portland’s Disimperium, it’s gloriously horrifying:

As the debut 2021 7″ “Malefic Obliteration” had already hinted at, human ears will fall prey yet again to an entity whose quest for total sensorial destruction has now reached implausible and horrific extremes, far beyond the confines of sanity which had already been obliterated on the inaugural release. In its nine tracks and thirty two minutes of pure concentrated terror, “Grand Insurgence Upon Despotic Altars” discharges an inescapable payload of death that impacts the listener with the force and speed of an apocalyptic shockwave escaping the fireball of a nuclear warhead.

And there’s more where that came from, such as this: “Where bands like Diocletian, Impetuous Ritual, Tetragrammacide, Knelt Rote and Damaar had already tested and established the limits of human resistance against abstract ideas of omnipotent negativity and horizonless sonic bedlam, Disimperium explore these outer limits even further, venturing out and establishing a new era into which there is no more measure to the very definition of musical insanity sought and achieved for the sole sake of aggression”.

That’s all vividly evocative enough that you’ve probably already got a good idea of what you’re about to experience in the album track we’re premiering today, but we’ve got to justify our own existence, don’t we? So here goes…. Continue reading »