Jul 032017


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a single off the debut EP by Indiana’s Emulsified.)

The Indiana death metal scene has been on a roll lately, birthing multiple talented new acts, including ones we’ve covered here before such as Breeding Filth. Two of their members can now be found in a new project called Emulsified, whose debut single we’re premiering today. This new project leans even more heavily toward the endlessly brutal and bludgeoning side of death metal, yet with a fresh twist on it that’s their own thing.

The project started in 2016 and currently consists of two Breeding Filth members, Derick Harshbarger on guitar and vocals and Angel Gaeta on bass and vocals. Rounding out the line-up is drummer Kevin Baum, who also plays in Human Filleted.

Today we’re bringing you the exclusive premiere of the group’s debut song, a filthy and deranged ode to sonic savagery called “Cadaveric Abdominal Inflation”. Continue reading »