Aug 082023

A band whose members hail from such groups as Anhedonist, Triumvir Foul, Ash Borer, and Dagger Lust? Say no more, we’re drawn to what they’re doing like iron filings compelled by a big magnet.

Those are indeed some of the many band names on the resumes of the now-Portland-based quartet who call themselves Excarnated Entity. They’ve devoted their talents to the creation of doomed death metal, as revealed in desolate and devastating fashion on their forthcoming debut album Mass Grave Horizon — a title that’s entirely fitting as a preview of the music within.

The album is now set for release on September 8th by Nuclear Winter Records. One single has already emerged, and today we present a second one, a song of hideous majesty, pulverizing power, and otherworldly misery that goes by the name “Corridor of Flame“. Continue reading »