Sep 102015



Relapse Record released the latest album by the Chicago-Baltimore experimental trio Locrian in late July. Entitled Infinite Dissolution, it’s a concept album based on the frightening (but all too plausible) prospect that the world is on the brink of a new wave of mass extinction of species, one that could lead to the extinction of our own.

The album is richly varied in its sound, both harsh and sublime. Through music, it traces a narrative inspired by the album’s disturbing central idea. Perhaps unexpectedly, the album’s penultimate song, “Heavy Waters”, is buoyant and bright, a shimmering, uplifting, cathartic piece — something you could dance to.  It could be seen as a hopeful possibility — the chance of a rebirth for life if (and maybe it’s just a question of when) humanity succeeds in wrecking all that’s around us now.

“Heavy Waters” has been out for months, of course, but what we have for you today is brand new — the premiere of a mind-bending video created by George Moore, an abstract interpretation of the music that’s as much fun to watch as the music is to hear. Continue reading »