Nov 022011

(TheMadIsraeli tosses a fistful of metal shards straight at your head.)

Alright so, I’m doing this next-level, on-the-spot shit because I got like, five minutes before a class starts so here we go.

I’ve got videos from a death-djent band named Dumpsterfire featuring the infamous Kevin Talley on drums, a deathcore band who’s made quite an impact on me by the name of Structures, a new Goretrade track (the band featured in that first Sunday Evisceration piece we did awhile back) and a song by the new band of now ex-H.A.A.R.P Machine vocalist Dom Sobkowicz  — The Exilion. Enjoy (after the jump). Continue reading »

Sep 252011

Long ago, some religions declared the seventh day of the week a day of rest, and in many countries that day became Sunday. Here at NCS, Sunday is a day of evisceration. It’s not really a special day, because every day of the week is a day for evisceration. Because, really, a day without a pile of steaming guts is like a day without sunshine. Am I right? Of course I am.

To begin the eviscerating process, here is Goretrade, from Columbia.

The song: “Dead Man Walking”

The album: Mistaken Conception (July 2010)

(Thanks for the tip Israel.)