Oct 212022

We’ll allow Griefbringer to introduce themselves before we introduce you to their stupefying music:

“We’re all from the gloomy and dark side of the Italian scene, with 30 years of international experience in bands such as MONUMENTUM, HAUNTED, SCHIZO, HELL OBELISCO, just to name a few.

“Collaboration with the previous projects convinced us to get together and explore the depth of the soul in this new creature. Darkness and godliness of places and images are our most important source of inspiration.”

To render their visions in sound, Griefbringer draw upon the traditions of doom, sludge, and death metal, of a particularly pulverizing, mind-ruining, yet head-hooking variety. The results of their pitch-black craft will be revealed through a debut album aptly named The Horrible Wilting, which will be released on November 18th by Church of Crow Records. Continue reading »