Jul 122016



(Our Norwegian friend Gorger doesn’t seem to tire of highlighting releases that we have overlooked, and so (with our thanks) we present Part 15 of this ongoing series.  To find more of his discoveries, visit Gorger’s Metal.)

Another month has gone by in what ought to be a seminal monthly appearance according to all the shit you navel-contemplating scum washouts fail to catch up with.

Oh well, you’ve already covered some of my favorites, like Glorior Belli, Grimness, Gorguts, Howls of Ebb, Quercus, Vainaja, Luna’s Call, Behexen, Eyestral, Kvalvaag, Deisidaemonia, Grave Desecrator, Black Fucking Cancer, Be’lakor, Light of the Morning Star, Vanhelgd, Cloak, and Der Rote Milan.

So what favourites am I left with from the past five weeks or so, deserving of your time and patience?

My plan is to present five overlooked gems from May this time, and five July releases on the next occasion. Or rather: releases that I managed to process these months. In theory, I should have trimmed down redundant BS and gone straight to the essence, both for your sake and for my own simplicity. Only thing is, I actually spend more time editing my writing than just presenting it full of excessive flaws. Oh, well, I hope you find some pieces of juicy poisonous apples to bite into and choke on. Continue reading »