Nov 292009


Seattle upstarts I Declare War entered the studio on Friday (Nov 27) to begin tracking their second CD. They’re recording at the Red Room in Seattle with Chris Common, who plays drums with These Arms Are Snakes and co-owns the studio with Matt Bayles.  IDW guitarist Evan Hughes is writing a studio blog about the process, complete with photos and promises of video material to come. Unlike a lot of similar blogs by other bands, this one is well-written and very interesting.  So check it out here.

IDW’s first offering, Amidst the Bloodshed, was a promising start — brutal, punishing deathcore, played with passion and high energy. A new track (“New Age Holocaust”) now up on the band’s MySpace page makes us anxious to hear the new CD when it’s done. The guys practice what they preach. As advertised on one of their killer shirts: “If it ain’t broke, blast beat the fuck out of it.” IDW’s still unsigned, but we’re hoping for good news about a label soon. They’re totally committed to their music, they deliver the goods, and they deserve more exposure.

They also put on a sweet live show. In fact, if you’re in the Seattle area on January 16 and in the mood to bang and mosh, get yourselves over to Studio Seven for an IDW performance and video shoot.

And in the meantime, here’s the band’s last official video. (No creepy stalkers at the shoot on 1/16 we hope.)

Nov 262009

Turkey image

Happy Thanksgiving to all you hornheads out there who are indulging in that quitessential American tradition: surfing the web before, during, or after your Thanksgiving feedbag.  And here’s hoping that your Thanksgiving food will be something that was once alive, as opposed to a dozen Twinkies and a six-pack of PBR.

Yes, it’s a national holiday but No Clean Singing is open for business, because we’re here to serve you.

Last night was Thanksgiving Eve. (That doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, does it?).  And our buds over at Seattle’s Showbox in the Market decided to host a night of live metal to commemorate the occasion — the “Into the Mouth of Hell We Tour” show, making its first stop back in the U.S. after a series of dates in Canada. The NCS triumvirate were all in attendance, and here are some notes from Nov 25, 2009, at The Showbox: Continue reading »