Jul 082013

I don’t know why I continue reporting on European metal festivals. It’s like a form of self-torture. I know we have a lot of European readers, and I suppose I could justify writing posts like this one as a selfless act of regard for their interests. But as much as I love our European readers, I love myself more, so it still doesn’t quite make sense. I suppose masochism could be another explanation. I’ll have to think more about that possibility as soon as I finish adding the latest switchblade cuts to my arms.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, another European metal festival. Actually, it’s not just metal. The INCUBATE FESTIVAL, which will take place September 16-22, 2013, in Tilburg (The Netherlands) will feature 200 artists performing in more than 20 venues. But the ones I care about are splashed across that flyer you see above — metal bands such as Immortal, Mayhem, Gehenna, Khold, Behexen, Woe, Brutal Truth, Dragged Into Sunlight, and Sonne Adam.

What a ridiculously good line-up. Except for Mayhem, I’ve never seen any of those bands I just listed in a live performance. I wish I could. But Tilburg is too far away and the tech geeks in Seattle still haven’t perfected teleporter technology, and oh pitiful me. If you can go, check out details here: Continue reading »