Dec 112012

photo by Casey Carlton

(In this post TheMadIsraeli interviews Jeff Beauchamp of Detroit’s Konkeror.)

Konkeror are one of the best breakout death metal bands I’ve heard in a long time, and if you haven’t checked out my review of their debut The Abysmal Horizons, you really should, and then buy the album.  They need the support.  I was fortunate enough to get an interview with his majesty, growl master and bassist Jeff Beauchamp, and here is the result. Hope you enjoy.

P.S: Someone needs to sign these guys.


TMI: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this man. I’ve been high on the album since I discovered it.

JB: Thank you very much, we’re glad you’re enjoying it.


TMI: So, tell me, how did Konkeror come together and why?

JB: All of us knew each other when we played in separate bands. I was in The Vala and Enochian, Jake [Plater] and Eric [Zwicker] in When Heroes Fail, and Toby [Dennis] in Kenshiro. Konkeror mainly formed from the ashes of Jake, Eric, and Toby’s previous band called Iliad which formed roughly in 2006 (I believe). They dissolved rather quickly after recording a demo but began writing new material after some time away in 2011. When I joined the mix in early 2012, about 80% of the music was written for The Abysmal Horizons. They weren’t completely settled on a name. I guess logically I was the final piece of the puzzle to craft the songs out with vocals and patterns. After about a month of jamming together, we went right into the studio. Continue reading »