Feb 142013

Hey mutants, welcome to the 14th of February at NO CLEAN SINGING. To begin, I’d like to share with you a trio of interesting items I spied last night: a goddamn club tour by the almighty Bolt Thrower, a brand new song by a buncha filthy Finnish trolls, and how daily life might look with robots among us.


It has been known for months that Bolt Thrower will be one of the headliners at Maryland Deathfest this year and will also be making a followup appearance at the Chaos In Tejas festival in Austin, which begins in late May. But yesterday Bolt Thrower announced that they have added a limited string of club dates while they’re here in the States. This is mainly a West Coast thing, so those of you who are scattered throughout the vast wasteland to the east, you have my deepest sympathies.

For all the club shows, Bolt Thrower will be supported by Benediction — and fuckin’ Autopsy will also be on the bill for two of the California dates. Here’s the schedule: Continue reading »