Feb 242022


Active since 2005 (and even earlier under the name Hrapp), the Danish black metal band Ligfaerd are about to unleash fresh hell on earth through the release of their fourth album in March via the German label Vendetta Records. The name of the album is Salvator Mundi, and today we present its stunning cover art and first advance track, “Hierusalem“.

In this new song the riffing flies like a swarm of razors over a measured beat, and a trilling lead leaps forth like tendrils of aural flame. Heavy and heaving chords also reverberate in tones of oppressive gloom, dragging and clawing at the senses while paving the way for scorching vocal vitriol. When the lead guitar erupts again, there’s a feeling of frantic despair and pain in its sound. But in this dynamic song, there’s still more to come. Continue reading »