Jul 132017


(Neill Jameson (Krieg) brings us the streaming premiere of a new split release by two excellent bands — VVegas and Long Gone — together with an interview of the mysterious figure behind VVegas.)

Since the first time I was asked to write anything for No Clean Singing I’ve sung the praises of the enigmatic VVegas. I originally discovered this complex and, at times, downright fucking strange, beast through the split with Integrity and since then I’ve been a devotee. Mixing Holy Terror-infused dark hardcore with noise, neofolk, and some pieces which defy classification, VVegas is as prolific in sound as in their releases, which span across every imaginable format and can be somewhat frustrating to keep up with due to obscurity and limitation if you’re a physical collector. If not, then the VVegas Bandcamp site is a treasure trove.

Earlier this year, VV. released a split with the excellent Broken Cross (another band I’ve written about for NCS somewhat recently), but not one to let any moss grow there is also another split coming July 29th via Judas Chair Collective, this time with Long Gone. I asked VV.’s mastermind T. some questions regarding the split, which we present to you in full to accompany the conversation: Continue reading »