Nov 142011

(NCS writer BadWolf brings us a bit of intriguing news . . .)

This is incredible news.

maudlin of the Well [yes, it’s like that on purpose] are one of metal’s best-kept secrets. During a too-brief career, they created two of the best avant-garde/progressive metal albums of all time: My Fruit Psychobells and Bath/Leaving Your Body Map. Led by Toby Driver (who transformed the band into evil jazz/metallic ambient band Kayo Dot), motW were blending jazz and metal nearly a decade before Shining and Ihsahn made it cool again.

In 2009 they reformed and released their third album, Part the Second, independently via free download.

Enough history, let’s talk music and news. maudlin of the Well made music of incredible quality that was likewise next to impossible to listen to. In that way I would call them the only true contemporary of Blut Aus Nord. While all of mauldin’s (and Kayo Dot’s) albums are worth listening to, 2001’s Bath/Leaving Your Body Map is their opus. I can only describe it as two hours of pure mania, at times mellow and at times invigorating. They have a unique talent for unnerving listeners and making gorgeous sounds at the same time –especially on Bath/Leaving Your Body Map. Sadly it’s been out of print for a very, VERY long time.

Fortunately for us, Driver and Co are reissuing this masterpiece on vinyl. Unfortunately, it’s limited to 300 copies. In any event, this is a great opportunity to re-discover the bad acid amazing that was(is?) maudlin of the Well. (details about the re-issue are after the jump, along with motW music . . .) Continue reading »