Apr 132017


A seething, vicious darkness cloaks this song “Hate Revelations” like a poisonous miasma, while the music also spawns imaginings of a brooding, malignant presence looming over you, as if a spectral giant has risen from the bowels of the earth to cast its long shadow once again. But while the atmospheric elements of the song send the imagination spiraling into a dark and demented descent, it’s also massively head-moving, and powerfully addictive.

“Hate Revelations” is the work of a Finnish trio who have taken the name Nephilim’s Howl, and whose music could be characterized as a heavy hybrid of black metal and doom (though in truth, it’s not easy to pick a genre label). It comes from their debut album Through The Marrow Of Human Suffering, which the always interesting I, Voidhanger Records will be releasing on May 19th. Continue reading »