Apr 182013

(TheMadIsraeli reviews the debut album by Nervecide.)

The ever-growing reputation of the Italians to craft perfectly shaped caskets of technical evisceration is really starting to hit a fucking high point.  So many bands are coming out of there who can really shred that it’s almost like there is something in the water.  Nervecide is not a band, but a solo project by Giorgio Benedetti, a very talented multi-instrumentalist who’s put together an album that brings forth the non-stop, relentless, over-the-top assault of the likes of Behemoth, Cryptopsy, or Hate Eternal along with other elements such as Meshuggah’s ambience (particularly what was found on their first albums) and an overall harsh industrial character.  This first album by Benedetti, Impermanence, has made a staggeringly overpowering impression on me.  This is brutal, chaotic, technical death metal with a definitive character.  It’s kind of like the impact force of a steamroller at 100 MPH.

Giorgio has a voice with a perfect fit for his music, emulating the harsh, forceful, guttural style of vocalists like Corpsegrinder, Erik Rutan, and Glen Benton.  This is on top of his guitar acrobatics, which gracefully leap between bits of plague-rat-infested sludge, fret-board-blazing knife stabs, and Middle Eastern melody. Continue reading »