Nov 092011

(Today’s first guest post was contributed by UK-based grind wizard Alex Layzell, who shines the spotlight on Polish grind.)

Good day No Clean Singing Collective. Now, Grind isn’t a genre many are fond of, but hopefully this short expose may do something to kindle that flame and spark your interest in what truly is a glorious genre, and for those of you wanting to feast further on such glory, feel free to benefit from my own useless attempt to explore this art form over at Grind to Death.

Today I will be taking you through an informative journey of exploration, with the subject being Poland’s ever so wondrous Grind export. As a country, Poland isn’t really one that immediately conjures up significant Grind prestige. Even amongst devout fans of the genre, naming good Polish Grind bands might press them somewhat. However, there are treasures to be found. Now hold hands and journey with me through the rough and tumble badllands of Poland’s Grind scene. Those with weak heart conditions may wish to abstain, an admonition that goes double for any who don’t like the idea of the musical equivalent of a nail bomb subjecting you to aural punishment.


First up are Poland’s woefully underrated purveyors of Gore, Squash Bowels (whose logo is pictured above). Their 2009 Willowtip Records debut Grindvirus is mandatory listening for all — and this is coming from someone who 99% of the time has a deep-rooted loathing for Goregrind. Rather than offer anything explosively truculent, they opt for a slick offering of superior songwriting, bringing the groove to grind, a formula sadly neglected though successfully achieved here through exceptional stylistic hardships — a testament to the band’s punk-driven superiority. It’s contagious and addictive — you have been warned! Continue reading »