Aug 062012

I didn’t hear all the songs in this post today, because my nuts are clamped in a day-job vise and I’m spending more time squirming with the agony than I am listening to new music. Actually, that’s been true since Friday. But even though my listening time has been viciously pinched, I have heard some tunes over the last three days that I wanted to pass along — from Norska (U.S.), Obscenity (Germany), and Mendel (The Netherlands).


About two weeks ago I came across the name of this band for the first time (and mentioned them in this post) because they were listed as participating in a new tour headlined by YOB and also featuring Cormorant. What I knew about them then (which was not much) I put in that earlier post: “Norska features YOB bass player Aaron Rieseberg and his brother Dustin and is described as a ‘progressive tech-sludge rock band.’”

Well, guess what? Today, MetalSucks premiered a song from Norska’s self-titled debut album, which is due for release on September 18 by Brutal Panda. The song is called “Nobody One Knows”, and man, I’m diggin’ it. Listening is like being beaten . . . slowly . . . with sledgehammers . . . wielded by a crew that’s staggering relentlessly toward the brink of insanity. Continue reading »

Jul 192012

Still plagued by the annoying intrusions of non-metal life (fuck non-metal life), your stupid friends at NCS have nevertheless found time to gather a few recent items of interest for your amusement and edification.


First item is above, presented to you as a public service, rather than because of my usual self-centered interests, since this tour isn’t coming remotely close to Seattle. But any U.S. tour involving both Primordial and Cormorant is by definition newsworthy. I don’t know While Heaven Wept, but they must at least be interesting or they wouldn’t be along for this ride.

Do pay close attention to the little asterisks, since not all bands will be at all dates.


The next item is also a tour announcement that also happens to be in September and also happens to include Cormorant (look closely at the dates for Sept 16-20 on the following poster) and also happens to be by-passing Seattle. On this tour, the headliners will be YOB and a band called Norska, which features YOB bass player Aaron Rieseberg and his brother Dustin and is described as a “progressive tech-sludge rock band.” Continue reading »