Dec 282016




(We again invited musician and producer Patrick Bruss (Crypticus) to share with us his year-end list of favorite releases, and he again agreed. If you haven’t checked out the latest Crypticus album The Barrens, do that here on YouTube. And yes, there’s a reason for the Aqua Velva product placement. If you’re nice, Crypticus may agree to explain.) Continue reading »

Dec 222015

Patrick Bruss


(We invited musician and producer Patrick Bruss (Crypticus) to share with us his list of favorite 2015 releases, and — not surprisingly — it’s heavy as hell.)

This was a bit of a slow year, I felt, but the good albums that were good were good. Or something. Let’s get started:


Black Fast art

Black Fast – Terms of Surrender

Vektor, but with fewer carbs. These guys shred right in that savage early Voivod zone that bands like Deceased have made a home in. Amazing playing! Epic riffery! A Thrash Holocaust! For fans of: Vektor, Voivod, Deceased Continue reading »

Dec 092014

(I invited Patrick Bruss, aka Crypticus, to share his year-end list with us, because I had a high degree of confidence I would like everything on it that I knew about and would need to track down everything else I didn’t know about. And I was right.)


BRUTALLY DECEASEDBlack Infernal Vortex

Listen to those chainsaws! Lots of Sunlight Studio-style bands these days, but only a few have the special rotted & filthy feeling that made those DISMEMBER & GOD MACABRE albums so much fun. These guys are bathing in it. Savage yet melodic riffs & a slaughterhouse production.


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