Aug 292019


Get ready… get ready for your heart to start pumping hard, for the blood to race in the veins, for your brain to light up like wildfire. Those are the effects of the song we’re bringing you today from the new album by the demonic Swedish black metal band Patronymicon, which is set for international release by Osmose Productions on September 27th. Aptly entitled Ushered Forth by Cloven Tongue, it follows the band’s last album (All Daggers Toward the Sky) by six years, and proves that the time was not wasted.

The song you’re about to experience, “Haissem“, pitches the listener into the midst of the Wild Hunt. Launched by blaring chords, grim, heavyweight riffing, and mountainous drum detonations, it soon leaps forward in a racing scourge of vicious, flame-throwing guitars, thunderous drum tumult, and scorching screams, segmented by delirious writhing arpeggios and exotic, swirling solos. Continue reading »