Oct 062017


I know exactly where I was (Anchorage, Alaska) almost two years ago when I heard the first track off Pile Of Priests’ debut album, Void To Enlightenment. I also know exactly how cold it was outside (1°F). I know these things because I pasted the data from my phone at the top of the post where I wrote about that song — a track that made me much warmer, and left my jaw hanging loose with some drool wetting my chin.

That track wasn’t the only jaw-dropper on Void To Enlightenment. And thankfully, that album also isn’t the last of the devil’s work that this Denver-based progressive death metal band have seen fit to do. They’re at work on a new EP, but in the meantime they’re releasing a new single that we’re premiering today through a lyric video, the title of which is “Redemptionem Per Cruciatu“. Continue reading »

Nov 142015

Anchorage temperature


This is my last morning in Anchorage for my fucking day job, at least for this trip. When I woke up before sunrise it was 3°F. Now the sun is up, and it’s 1°F — that’s One Degree. I’m definitely ready to come home.

In between packing and eating a formidable breakfast at the Snow City Cafe a few blocks from my hotel I listened to a trio of new songs and watched one new video that I enjoyed. I thought you might like them, too.


This Denver trio released an EP named Unholy Death in 2011, which followed a five-track demo in 2010 named Burn. Now they’ve completed a debut album entitled Void To Enlightenment, which features cover art by the masterful Sam Nelson (Stigma) and is due for release on December 12 (CD and digitally). The band recently released the album’s first single, “Incantations of Old”, and it’s fascinating. Continue reading »