Jun 192013

I’ve written about California’s P.O.O.R. (Point of Our Resistance) before, but not as much as they deserve. Their debut album Extinction of Trust, released earlier this year, is a goddamn pulverizing grind assault. The riffs are massive and crushing, the off-the-hook drumming packs a visceral punch, and the songs deliver a ton of groove to go along with a vicious beating.

Extinction of Trust is a genuine sonic rampage, but it never falls prey to same-iness. P.O.O.R. pick just the right moments to shift into lower gears before opening up the flamethrower again and shooting a blast of ignited gasoline straight to the listener’s head. And despite the generally balls-to-the-wall attitude of the whole thing, there are some memorable melodies and a lot of rhythmic and riffing variety woven into the mayhem. It’s definitely a grind album, but you’ll get the feel of death metal, thrash, punk, and even a bit of Motörhead and Bolt Thrower along the way.

All of which is to say that P.O.O.R. do what a lot of grind bands do not do: They give each of their songs its own personality — which is saying something, because Extinction of Trust includes 24 songs. Continue reading »