Sep 102010

It’s been a while since we featured anyone in a THAT’S METAL! post that we actually admired. Instead, it’s been Serbians who cook testicles, guys whose dogs chew off their big toes or get shot in the head and are so wasted they don’t notice, and dudes who get gored in the scrotum by angry bulls. Sure, all that stuff, and more like it, made us exclaim, “Shit! That’s Metal!”, but not really in an admiring way.

Come to think of it, we did admire that bull who spent his last few minutes on earth rampaging through a packed grandstand of yokels in Spain who were being entertained by the bull’s torment. But still, that was a bull, not a person.

Today, we’re giving a shout-out to a person here in Seattle who’s done something metal that doesn’t involve personal injury or rank stupidity. Her name is Boo Davis, and that’s her at the top of the post. But because we know you’ve come to expect some brutality and sarcastic commentary in your THAT’S METAL! posts, we’ve paired up her story with one that involves electrified nipple clamps.

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