Sep 272016



Your humble editor hasn’t had time to assemble a round-up of new music since the weekend, but I thought I would at least alert you to this new sampler — because it’s FREE (though contributions are welcome), and because it includes some very good bands, many of whom we’ve posted about here at our putrid site.

The sampler’s name is Into The Darkness, and it was released yesterday by the sibling labels Redfining Darkness Records and Seeing Red Records, with artwork by Stephen Kasner. It includes a whopping 22 tracks. Most of those are extracted from albums that have already been released, but five come from forthcoming releases by Sentient HorrorInteritus , Ûngrûn, Curse of Denial, and old-school legends Decrepit, and there’s one by Maggot Twat that will be included in a reissue later this year.

Here’s the full line-up of bands: Continue reading »