Nov 032014


I discovered the Boston-based deviants in Sexcrement back in 2012, when they released their second album Sloppy Seconds. I sure as fuck did enjoy that album. I forgot how much I went on and on and on about it when I finally got around to writing a review until revisiting that tome earlier today. I’m not going to blather quite so incessantly about the subject of this post. I’m mainly going too let the music and the video speak for themselves.

And that’s what we have here — yet another music video directed and edited by underground filmmaker Victor Bonacore for a Sexcrement song. The last piece of perverted genius he created for Sexcrement was for the song “Trucker Bombed” off that Sloppy Seconds album. Now he’s made a new short film for a new Sexcrement song named “Salt Peter”, which appears on a brand new free Sexcrement EP entitled XXX Bargain Bin Vol. 2. I only found out that the EP had been released when I watched the video this morning, so I haven’t listened to it yet. You can be damned sure I will — but I didn’t want to delay in spreading around the video. Continue reading »

May 152012

Sexcrement.  Now THAT’S a motherfucking band name!  From the name alone I was drawn to the music, like a bee to honey, like a moth to flame, like a fly to . . . uh . . . wait . . . forget about that last metaphor, because this band’s second album Sloppy Seconds is really good.  And it wasn’t just the band’s name that suggested the kind of deviant intelligence I felt pretty sure would produce music to my liking. Get a load of the song titles:

“Heard It Through the Rape Vine”
“Chemical Handcuffs”
“Well Hungover”
“Heels Up”
“Trucker Bombed”
“Assisted Living Lapdance”
“Ride Johnny Ride”

You see what I mean? Deviant and clever, perverted and politically incorrect. I figured the odds were pretty high that I’d get some jollies from the music — though that wouldn’t necessarily mean I’d write about it here. No, dear brethren and sistren, believe it or not, I don’t write about everything I like. I do try to apply a quality filter, because even my rudimentary intelligence tells me that provoking spontaneous regurgitation isn’t a winning formula for holding on to readers. But in this case, I not only got some jollies, I also heard some fine metal worthy of your refined attention. Continue reading »