Apr 102023

As you can see, today we have a song premiere today. It’s from the debut album Sacrilegious by the band Suton from Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will be co-released by Satanath Records and InsArt Records on April 18th. But today’s song is the second one revealed so far from the album. We should start with the first one.

That one, “Celestial Consciousness. Starlight Divine.“, makes a striking impact, not soon forgotten, in part because it’s such an elaborate interweaving of stylistic strands. It creates tumult through electrifying drum revolutions, earth-heaving bass lines, savagely roiling riffs, and monstrous vocals. It also drapes the mind with a cold, swirling fog of supernatural creepiness in which a tormented voice wails its song.

The guitars reverberate in torment too, but also join with the bass to slug like a two-fisted bare-knuckled fighter. Gloom descends at the same time as the singing elevates and the guitars ring like brittle chimes. World-weary chants ensue amidst vividly undulating bass tones and skull-rattling drumwork. Scalding howls take over, and the riffing seems like the sound of a giant serpent moving beneath the earth. The music becomes a kind of moaning menace and staggers and crashes, though the permutations of that bass continue to rivet attention. Continue reading »