Oct 102023

“Deep out of the forests of Lower Saxony, where once the Görde murderer was up to mischief, Svartgrav was created on an icy winter night.”

And so begins an introduction by four labels who will jointly release Svartgrav‘s debut album I on October 27th.

They also disclose that the band is the solo project of Thorkraft, who has also gained some attention through his atmospheric black metal project Sieghetnar, and they further characterize the music as “the icy, Nordic coldness of Immortal with the epic and sublime symphonies of Emperor and Troll, and stone-shattering vocals in the style of Obtained Enslavement“.

We have our own introduction to the album today, as we premiere the new record’s substantial opening track, also named “I“, because all the songs are only denominated by Roman numerals. Continue reading »