Oct 032023

We can confidently predict that the forthcoming second album by Kolkata-based Tetragrammacide will drop jaws, boggle minds, and pop eyes wide open among fans of black/death metallic extremity. That prediction won’t come as a complete surprise to people who’ve heard the band’s previous releases, but even for those people this album may strike like a revelation.

As before, Tetragrammacide‘s new music is one violent audio vortex after another, creating an overarching experience of explosive sensory overload. Yet it truly is also head-spinning, not merely ruthlessly assaulting but also remarkably intricate and technically lights-out, which are dazzling qualities that become vividly apparent thanks to the album’s professional production.

As fan have also come to expect, the band’s fondness for song titles of extravagant length and esoteric meaning is also jaw-dropping. You can see that in the name of the song we’re premiering today — “Spectral Hyaenas Of Amenta Howl, The Vulture Of Ma’at Descends, And Tahuti Watches Without His Ape” — and in the album’s title: Typho-Tantric Aphorisms From The Arachneophidian Qur’an. Continue reading »

Sep 022023


A week that ends with a Bandcamp Friday is a terrible week for the NCS in-box. During just the 24 hours of September 1st we received 310 e-mails. The count for the week was significantly more than 1,000.

Such weeks are also terrible for roundups like this one, because so many bands and labels release new music in an effort to capitalize on the attention that Bandcamp Fridays tend to attract — terrible because it results in so much music to choose from.

I sure as hell didn’t read all those 1,000+ e-mails. I did skim the subject lines, skipping over the ones that seemed geared toward selling merch and others that arrived because (annoyingly) we’re somehow on mailing lists for music that has nothing to do with metal, and others which hinted that the metal was of the kind that would hurt my head if I listened to it (e.g., power metal). And eventually I just ran out of time, so I’m sure I overlooked some things that might have been gem-like if I’d discovered them.

But the skimming process still left me with a giant pile of new music I thought might be interesting, and on top of that were other sources of recommendations outside of our e-mails that I pay attention to. Nothing more than instinct and impulse led to finding the following needles in that haystack. Continue reading »