Feb 062023

In the annals of Greek mythology Talos was a giant bronze automaton, created by the god Hephaestus at the direction of Zeus, who gave Talos to the king of Crete to protect the island from invaders. To do so, Talos marched around the island three times every day and hurled boulders at approaching enemy ships.

At his core, Talos had one long vein running from his neck to his ankle, where the vein was closed shut by a bronze bolt. Within it flowed a mysterious life source of the gods that the Greeks called ichor. Talos met his end in the tale of the Argonauts, when the sorceress Medea induced Talos to dislodge the bolt, causing the ichor to flow out, exsanguinating him.

We summarize the tale of Talos because it is the conceptual core of the self-titled debut album by The Giant’s Fall, a Greek project that’s the experimental solo work of Mikebass (ex – Lucky Funeral & Bone To Rust) and whose name itself seems connected to the myth. The album’s song titles themselves point to the connection: “Ichor”, “Dark Inside”, “The End of Talos”, “The Giant King”, and “Hades Calling”, although it becomes clear that the album’s themes aren’t limited to the myth.

The Giant’s Fall was first released digitally by the band in December 2018, and then digitally by FYC Records on December 25, 2022. But FYC Records will also be releasing a limited CD edition of the album on February 28th, and to help spread the word we’re now premiering an official video for the album track “Dark Inside“. Continue reading »