Nov 062023

As many of you already know, The Zephyr is a Mexican black/death metal band with a history that now spans 30 years. Like many bands of a similar lineage, this one was interrupted by a long period of silence, which occurred after their 2003 debut album Fake Measured Smile, a silence broken by the 2013 EP The Hate Remains the Same and The Zephyr‘s 2017 album Eternal Flames of Heaven.

Also like other bands whose roots are as deep as The Zephyr‘s, they’ve experienced lineup changes along the way, including one that occurred during the six-year gap between that last album and the new one.

And yes, The Zephyr now have a fourth full-length on the way. Entitled Aura Oscura, it’s projected for release in January by American Line Productions, and what we have for you today is the premiere of a lyric video for its title track, one that fully displays, even after all this time, a band at the height of their veteran songwriting prowess and performance skills. Continue reading »