Apr 102018


There are only two people in VOR. One plays bass, one plays drums, one of them also shrieks like a man who’s being carved with straight razors. We’re lucky that arms-control authorities haven’t allowed them to use more than two instruments. With just those two they create an appalling level of sonic destruction.

VOR’s music is ugly, abrasive, a danger to the listener’s psyche — and irresistibly body-moving. It will scour out the inside of your skull, while it’s making your skull bang up and down like a piston.

VOR are based in Madrid, Spain. They have a new album coming out. It’s their second one. It will be released on May 19th by Third I Rex and a consortium of Spanish labels — Odio Sonoro Records, Nooirax Records, Noizeland Records, T-Shirts FUZZ, Base Record Production, and Sacramento Records. We’re premiering the album’s first single today — “Black Goat” — and I wish I could see your faces when you listen to it. Continue reading »